Detailed Planning

Professionals at Refined Technologies have significant refinery supervision experience. They thoroughly understand plant needs during turnaround and will work with Client personnel to guarantee smooth equipment safing.

Well in advance of the turnaround, RTI personnel will work with Client personnel to develop detailed cleaning plans integrated with the plant clearing plans. Manuals for the project will be prepared to control the process from start to finish.


Our Operations Managers will walk through the project with unit operations personnel well in advance of the turnaround. During these walk downs, mechanical needs will be reviewed, punch lists prepared and all issues that may otherwise jeopardize the project success will be resolved.

After the cleaning plans have been reviewed and approved by all stakeholders, we will conduct on-site training for all personnel impacted by the cleaning.


After safing the equipment, Refined Technologies does not consider the job done. We will prepare a “Lessons Learned” document that includes copious notes taken during the project and suggestions to be incorporated into future projects.

The Lessons Learned document can be reviewed on-site with Client management and is used to support our continuous improvement commitment.


As part of our efforts to continually evaluate our effectiveness and improve our performance, we ask clients to complete a short review of our work. This feedback is reviewed by top management and is a critical element in our continuous improvement process. If we have recently completed a project for you, please take a moment to click here and complete this brief review.

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