PetroBlast Technology

PetroBlast is an all-natural, biodegradable, non-toxic degreaser designed for external cleaning of refinery processing equipment. PetroBlast can be used to remove petroleum based contaminants from concrete, vertical surfaces, pump bases, sight glasses, or any other surfaces needing cleaning.

PetroBlast is made from all-natural hydrocarbons and does not contain water, acids, bases, nitrogen, phosphates, chelating agents, ammonia, or silicates. PetroBlast is a hydrocarbon based formula and therefore exhibits excellent compatibility with all forms of metallurgy.

PetroBlast will not cause any problems with refinery products. All-natural hydrocarbons are considered excellent feedstock for most refining processes. PetroBlast is safe to apply, safe for the environment, exhibits excellent metallurgy properties, and will not contaminate refinery products. PetroBlast can be used safely in multiple pre-maintenance or pre-inspection cleaning applications.

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