QuickTurn Technology

QuikTurn is an all-natural, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner / degreaser designed for use on refinery vessels when confined space permitted entry is required. QuikTurn can be added to utility steam and will remove all forms of hydrocarbons including but not limited to grease, oil, benzene, H2S, and LEL.

QuikTurn is a hydrocarbon based formula and therefore exhibits excellent compatibility with all forms of metallurgy.

QuikTurn will not cause any problems with refinery products. The blend of all-natural hydrocarbons are easy to process. All-natural hydrocarbons are considered excellent feedstock for most refining processes and will cause no problems with refinery product quality when reprocessed.

QuikTurn is safe to apply, safe for the environment, exhibits excellent metallurgy properties, and will not contaminate refinery products. QuikTurn can be used safely in multiple applications within a refinery or chemical plant and will not cause problems with waste treatment facilities or other processing units.

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