UpperCut Technology

UpperCut is an RTI proprietary additive chemistry that will enhance the solvency of cutter stock when dissolving hydrocarbon deposits or petroleum sludge. The enhanced solution of UpperCut and cutter stock (LCO, Diesel etc.) will dissolve 50% more hydrocarbon deposits than cutter stock alone. This blended solution allows for a more effective and faster wash. The molecular structure of UpperCut has a high affinity for hydrocarbons found in crude heat exchanger trains and petroleum storage tanks. UpperCut provides clients with a superior cleaning solution capable of removing significantly more contaminants in a single circulation than traditional cleaning methods that require multiple circulations.

UpperCut Applications

UpperCut is compatible with diesel, LCO, heavy aromatic naphtha, kerosene, or mineral spirits for removing sludge and deposits from process equipment or storage tanks.

UpperCut can be used in processes involving cutter stock or solvent washing. Applications include petroleum storage tank cleaning, pre-washing refinery process equipment for decontamination, heat exchanger train cleaning during turnarounds, or slowdowns to recover heat exchanger efficiency. The spent solution of UpperCut and cutter stock can be re-processed through refinery crude slop systems.

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