Second Technical Tuesday – QuikTurnRX Process

Our California Team Hard at Work
Our California Team Hard at Work
January 16, 2017
Third Technical Tuesday - Nitrogen Purging
Third Technical Tuesday – Nitrogen Purging
February 16, 2017

Second Technical Tuesday – QuikTurnRX Process

Second Technical Tuesday - QuikTurnRX Process

Technical Tuesday #2

Did you know the QuikTurnRX® process eliminates the need for hot hydrogen stripping?

Hot hydrogen stripping reactors prior to cooldown and catalyst handling activities to remove hydrocarbons from hydroprocessing units has been the industry standard for years. The process involves sweeping oil from the reactor and raising reactor temperature to the maximum metallurgical limit. The maximum temperature is held for 12 to 16 hours, while the recycle hydrogen sulfide concentration at the high-pressure separator is monitored frequently and maintained so catalyst activity is not lost.

Hot hydrogen stripping is costly, inefficient, and must be carefully monitored

Hot hydrogen stripping takes a significant amount of time and money to execute. The process relies on temperature and gas velocity to evaporate hydrocarbons out of catalyst beds, which has been proven to be inefficient. During the hot hydrogen strip, it is possible under low H2S concentrations, to strip sulfide from the catalyst and harm activity. For this reason, care must be taken to monitor and carefully maintain an adequate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration in the recycle gas. Often times, extended purging with nitrogen is required after the hot strip and cooldown to remove hydrocarbons left behind by the inefficient method.

The patented QuikTurnRX process replaces hot hydrogen stripping and significantly reduces shutdown timelines.

QuikTurnRX replaces the hot hydrogen strip with a 2-4 hour chemical injection during unit cooldowns. Simply pull feed from the unit, sweep the liquids out of the system, and immediately begin the cooldown process. QuikTurnRX is injected into the reactor when specified temperatures and pressures are met and will remove all hydrocarbons from the high pressure loop. The process is fast, effective, and eliminates the need for extended nitrogen purging after the cooldown.

The following table compares timelines between hot hydrogen stripping with the QuikTurnRX process:

As the table indicates, QuikTurnRX can save 22 hours from traditional shutdown methods. The process has been proven effective on hundreds of commercial applications and provided refineries with predictable results. Contact Refined Technologies to learn more about this revolutionary process.

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