Technical Tuesday - UpperCut
Final Technical Tuesday – UpperCut
March 16, 2017
Technical Tuesdays - Quench
Technical Tuesdays #2 – Quench
April 16, 2017

Technical Tuesday #1 – Quench

Technical Tuesdays - Quench

Technical Tuesday #1 – Quench

The Recently Patented Vapor Phase Oxidizer is Here

Refined Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that we were recently awarded a US Patent for a vapor phase oxidizing agent used to treat pyrophoric iron sulfide.

Quench Technology

Quench is a mild oxidizing agent used in the vapor phase to remediate pyrophoric iron sulfide. Quench can be injected with steam or nitrogen immediately following the patented QuikTurn® Vaporganic® process. The reaction between Quench and iron sulfide is complete when a positive result is obtained on the Quench field test strip.

The active ingredient in Quench, sodium nitrite, oxidizes iron sulfide into iron oxide. The balanced chemical reaction between Quench and iron sulfide is as follows:

6H2O + 3NaNO2 + 6 FeS → 3NH3 + 6S° + 3Fe2O3 + 3NaOH

One 55-gallon drum of Quench can oxidize 65 lbs. of pyrophoric iron sulfide. Quench is buffered to a pH of 9 to prevent pH fluctuations during the cleaning application.

Quench Verification

Quench contains a field test marker that is easily detectable on the Quench test strip. When the reaction between Quench and iron sulfide is complete, the field test strip turns from red to blue.

Quench should be continuously injected into Process equipment until there has been an over treatment of the iron sulfide (as indicated by a positive blue test strip). The positive blue test strip indicates that Quench has reacted with all iron sulfide and the reaction is complete.

Quench Applications

Quench allows overhead systems or large drums to be treated without having to fill and soak with water. Quench is injected once through with steam or nitrogen. The vapor phase application saves time and dramatically reduces the amount of effluent generated during the cleaning process.

Quench can be used on a wide variety of equipment fouled with iron sulfide. Examples include:

  • Fractionation column overhead exchangers
  • Gas plant fractionation towers
  • Flare lines
  • Overhead accumulators
  • Heat exchangers
  • Reboilers
  • Heavy oil fractionator packed sections prior to rinsing and Permanna treatment
  • Vessels containing demister screens or pads
  • Surge drums
  • Sour water units
  • Amine service equipment
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