Client Applied Program (CAP):

Client Applied Program (CAP):

CAP offered by Refined Technologies allows facilities to train and certify their employees for in situ performance improving cleaning applications on equipment with hydrocarbon fouling. Refined Technologies provides clients with the knowledge required to successfully perform the patented Vaporganic® cleaning process.

CAP gives facilities flexibility to clean equipment in place on a routine maintenance schedule. Equipment identified for cleaning is taken out of service, drained, steamed, and injected with the Refined Technologies patented Super Q® formulation. Once Super Q injection is complete, equipment can be returned to service immediately.

In Situ Cleaning Applications:

CAP can be applied to the following cleaning applications:

  • Heat Exchangers: Cleaning heat exchangers with Super Q is the perfect combination of superior chemistry and calculated strategy. Using Super Q with the Vaporganic cleaning process will restore and maintain a higher overall duty for heat exchangers.
  • Pumps: Pumps begin to lose performance when impellers foul with heavy hydrocarbons. Impeller fouling causes excessive pump vibrations and the need to shut down and rebuild. Utilizing the CAP, pumps can be monitored for vibration and cleaned with Super Q in place when vibrations negatively impact performance.
  • Fin fans: Hydrocarbon fouling can cause fin fans to lose efficiency and negatively impact outlet temperatures. Super Q can be injected with steam into each bank of fin fans to remove fouling.
  • Piping / Valves / Small Vessels: Super Q can clear piping, valves, and small vessels of all hydrocarbons (benzene, H2S, LEL) so hot work, inspection, or cutting can begin. Super Q is the perfect solution for small maintenance applications.

For technical information on reducing torque on coker ball valves click here, Coker Ball Valve Product Bulletin.

The CAP program gives facilities the ultimate value and flexibility for routine maintenance applications. Please contact your Refined Technologies’ representative for more information on the CAP.

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