Refined Technologies has a comprehensive inventory of Stainless Steel and Unit Decontamination Hoses used for controlling and draining waste and steam effluent, hot and cold product streams, hot condensate, and waste effluent from process operations for planned and unplanned turnaround and maintenance activities that includes unit de-inventory and draining during the decontamination phase of a turnaround.

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Uses and Applications

Additional applications include the transfer of hydrocarbons and related petrochemical products in a variety of plant processes during normal operation and manifolding pumps, tanks, exchangers, and piping.

All Unit Decontamination Hoses offer high temperature capability along with lightweight handling relative to available alternatives.

All Stainless Steel Hoses provide a large range of pressure and temperature capacities while being resistant to bursting, cracking and crushing. Flexibility and vibration resistance are additional features enabling their use in a wide variety of applications within the refinery and petrochemical industries.

Technical Specifications – Stainless Steel Hoses

  • Sizes are 1”-6”
  • 1” Union Connections
  • 2”-6” 150# Flange Connections
  • 3/16 Stainless tube
  • 3/21 Single Braid Stainless Outer
  • See spec sheets for pressure and temperature ratings

Technical Specifications – Decontamination Hoses

  • Sizes are 3/4”, 2”, 4”, and 6”
  • Max pressure is 300 PSI
  • Max temperature is 300oF
  • Materials:
    • Nitrile tube
    • Multi-ply polyester tire cord
    • Blue oil and heat resistant material cover
  • Connections:
    • 3/4” Female x Female boss fittings
    • 2”, 4”, and 6” 150# Class Flanges
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